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Born and raised in Houston, TX, Basit Al-Kubra Aka “TheFutureBatman” is a 3-time Gold Award winning Cosplayer. He has been cosplaying for over ten years, and has been invited as a guest to numerous conventions locally and across the border. His Convention experience goes back to the 90’s, attending comic artists and creator signings. He discovered cosplay through his ability to create costumes and armor from scratch, a craft he learned during his time in high school when taking Honours Art Courses with accolades. His ability to hand make his cosplays have helped him find a great outlet for his way to express himself creatively and inspiring others. He is most recognized for his interpretations of Batman, and different variations of the character. With that being said, he believes that all cosplayers need, is to love and respect the character to create in cosplay, which will encourage people to embrace their creativity and to never be afraid to show the world who they can be.