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PeachyandFairy is a collaboration of cosplay sisters, @peachypie_cosplay and @fairylafey, who are both based in Houston TX. They lovingly call each other “cosplay sisters” as they not only share their passion for cosplay but also share the same profession, birthdays, dress and shoe size!

Peachypie_cosplay has been cosplaying since 2018. She is an anime and Itasha car enthusiast who enjoys sharing this love with others.  Cosplay is a vehicle for her to join charity events to bring smiles to kids, young and old. She actively organizes cosplay meetups,  events, hosts panels and judges for contests for several activities within the cosplay and Itasha communities.

Through hosting cosplay collaborations, panels and events, @peachyandfairy aims to inspire, educate and break the barriers of fear many novice cosplayers face in order to start experimenting with their own craft; by giving tips and tutorials so that they too can excel in the art of cosplaying. PeachyandFairy believes in the value of COMMUNITY over COMPETITION as they enthusiastically collaborate with fellow cosplayers, and attend various events in an effort to bring the cosplay community together!