POP CULTURE Power Show treats all attendees, including those with special access needs with respect and dignity. Patrons with disabilities are required to pay full admission, however, one attendant/caregiver may receive complimentary admission when requested at the Accessibility Services Desk.

For more information, please visit the Accessibility Services Desk at POP CULTURE Power Show or read our full POP CULTURE Power Show Accessibility Policy.

POP CULTURE Power Show can accommodate requests up to 2 weeks before the event for Panels in our Main Theaters only.

Because of demand for interpreters, we cannot guarantee to accommodate your request after that time. On-site requests for interpreters cannot be facilitated. 

If you would like to request an interpreter for a specific Panel, please contact us with your personal information (name and preferred email) here.

Guide dogs and recognized service animals are welcome at our shows, provided they are leashed or under similar control as appropriate. 

Attendees with service animals on-site at the event assume complete responsibility for their animal for the duration of their time at the event.

POP CULTURE Power Show provides access to wheelchairs and scooters. If you require such services, please contact AABCO Ready Rental Sales and Repair.

With any questions prior to the show, or comments or complaints following the show, please submit a request. We will respond as soon as we are able.

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